On the 7th July 2005, 52 innocent people were killed in the worst terrorist attack ever to happen in London, three incidents involving suicide bombers on tube trains.

On August 25th 2005, 65 people joined Tube World Record holders Geoff & Neil as we travelled round the entire London Underground system in one day. This is similar to a 'regular' world record attempt but instead of going for the fastest time, it was act of defiance, solidarity and we raised sponsor money for the official charities for the families of the victims.

It's not to late to sponsor us/donate using the link below.

Geoff's personal write-up of the day is here on his own webpages.
An alternative excellent write up of the day & photos is at london-underground.blogspot.com

Most recent updates for participants:

1st September - New Media page added with all the media references / downloads etc.. in one place.

25th August - TubeRelief took place today!

22nd August - Download and print out copies of the what we're doing leaflet to hand out to people that you meet!

14th August - Added up the how to get home page, for what to do once you've finished!

13th August - We've decided on the pre and post-event pub meet locations! Come and see where to meet before and after.

12th August - A variety of 'TubeRelief' T-shirts are now available to buy at FotoPic.net - go order yours right NOW to ensure that it turns up in time!

7th August - There are now two press releases available for download, including a templated one for individuals to send off to their local press with their specific details in. Both downloadable from this page here.

6th August - Another new guide - 'How to survive the tube challenge' that tells you everything you need to know aside from your route!

27th July - So you've signed up to take part but have no idea how to get round the tube in a day? That's why you need to read our 'How to get round the tube in a day' guide to planning your route.

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