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NOT AFRAID - Tube Relief : In aid of Relief Fund for Bombing Victims

On Thursday 7th July 2005, 52 people died in the worst terrorist attack ever to happen in London. As well as the dead, there are hundred injured - some horrifically and people who will be mentally scarred and unable to travel on London's historic transport system (tube and buses) ever again.

The tube means a lot to us. We travel on it a lot. Sometimes we travel round the whole system just for the fun it. The 'tube challenge' community is angry about this as the rest of the world, and we would like to say : "We Are Not Afraid", as well.

'Tube Challenge Community'? Well - there are a group of people (call us geeks if you really must!) who do this on a regular basis - Go round the whole tube system competing to see who can do it in the fastest time possible.

It's a Guinness World Record. Myself (Geoff) and my friend (Neil) are the current record holders. This gets discussed a lot on this specific website for it here. There is a specific discussion thread about this attempt here.

Ken Livingstone shortly announced afterwards an official Relief Fund for families of the victims of the bombings, and so because of this, here is what we are doing:

A mass team tube-challenge attempt, for all of us to get round the entire network in a day.

We're not trying for the record, and we don't want people running around like nutters making connections in the fastest time (like we normally do!), we're just out to complete the system as a sign of solidarity and defiance.

If you think you're unfit doesn't matter - you can walk between stations to make connections. You can even stop casually for toilet breaks, a quick half in a pub and then carry on if you really want, although if you want to get round the whole system you're advised not to stop for too long.

This means we are going to get experienced tube-challengers and novices alike, to meet up, start in the same place, and travel the whole tube system in a day i) For charity, and ii) For defiance.

These two main reason are important:

i) Charity. People often do this and raise a few pounds & pennies. This time everyone gets sponsored in aid of the bomb relief charity and we really go for it. Let's get thousands of pounds this time.

ii) Defiance. Solidarity. Togetherness. We are not afraid, and we well get back on the tube - the whole tube - and prove that we are more than happy to ride it by doing the thing that we do best - ride around the tube system.

Have a look at the join us page if you want to take part, or considering sponsoring someone if you can't join in.

Go to the contact page to email us for more information or for anything else.

Thanks for stopping by. Don't be afraid.

With thanks to Laura Nutini & Dario Agosta from Communicazione for the Not Afraid design.


LU Roundel is used with permission of Transport for London.