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How to get home after the tube challenge

So, you've raised your money and done the tube challenge and now it's 1:30am and Upminster isn't quite as nice as you expected. How are you going to get home?

Believe it or not, Geoff & Neil didn't consider how they were going to get home when they broke the world record. But trust us - it's well worth thinking about in advance.

Get a Lift

Currently there are three cars planned to be at Upminster. Each of the cars is heading towards South London although they may deviate slightly depending upon where you want to go. There are probably a maximum of ten spaces left - if anyone wants one then contact Geoff asap.

If you are being picked up and can offer a spare seat to a fellow tube challenger then let us know and we will put you in contact with someone who wants to go in the same direction.

Get the Nightbus

The Nightbus is probably the easiest way to get home if you are heading for central London. The nearest Nightbus stop is in Romford so you are going to need to get a Taxi to Romford.

N15 Romford to Central London

There are four busses an hour back into central London although they are not evenly spread across the hour. Aproximate Journey times are:

Canning Town - 37 Minutes
Aldgate Station - 52 Minutes
Trafalgar Square - 67 Minutes
Oxford Circus - 75 Minutes
Paddington Station - 87 Minutes

Download the N15 timetable here in PDF format. You will have to add the times together to work out how long it takes to get to an intermediate stop.

N86 Stratford - Harold Hill

There are two buses an hour back heading North West towards Stratford. The service in the opposite is serving local stops only with no main places of interest. Aproximate Journey times are:

Illford - 18 Minutes
Stratford - 34 Minutes

Download the N86 timetable here in PDF format.

NB: Bus timetables are copyright of Transport for London.

Get a Taxi

The most convenient taxi company is Station Cars, just 20 seconds from the station down the side by the car park. Their number is 01708 229400. They will take you to wherever you want to go, and have quoted the following (approximate) prices.

Romford (for night bus) ?15
Barking ?25
Central London ?40

If you are intending to get a taxi then feel free to ask around on either before hand or on the day as there will probably be someone else going in the same direction as you and that way you can share the cost of the taxi.

Don't get a train/tube

The first trains/tubes are not until around 5am and you will not be allowed to wait around on the platforms or waiting rooms.

Finally, bear in mind that in order to make the last District Line train to Upminster you need to be at:

Mile End by 00:40
Bond Street at 00:00
Leaving Heathrow by 23:00 (change at Acton Town)