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How to get yourself sponsored and raise money

Now that you're taking part, you need to get yourself sponsored.

We think that 100 people will end up taking part in this, and if we set (say) an average of £200 per person collected, then that'll make a brilliant sum of £20,000 raised.

Plus of course we may get money on the day. TFL are giving us all a bunch of Red Cross endorsed promotional leaflets that we can hand out to people who enquire as to what we are doing. These will encourage people to make a dontation, as strictly - we are not allowed to collect any money on trains ourselves.

There are two ways to sponsor yourself, you can use either one of them - or both of them!

1. Online - At

First, go to this webpage here ->

This is the 'root' page for money raised for the London Bombing Relief (LBR) fund.

If you make an account from this page, it will be linked back to here and we'll be able more easily to see in total how much has been raised.

Just follow the instructions - choose "other" event when asked to "create your page", put in your name/details, etc.. and it then provides you with a link to pass around to other people to get them to sponsor you/donate money online - e.g. Me & Neil have our page here:

Don't choose "sporting event" - because this will force you to put in a date, and we & TFL don't want the date publically known until the very last minute - so don't put the date on your JustGiving page!

You can also use the button/link shown here [right] on your own webpages, blog etc to link it to the JustGiving page, and/or the JustGiving page itself.

2. Using a good ol' paper sponsorship form

Is available to download here in PDF format.

Grab a copy, print it out and you can then take this round with you and get people to fill it in.

This does have the disadvantage of having to chase up people after the even to get the money, but some people still prefer doing it this way.

Alternative powerpoint version to download here if you don't like PDF's.

As and when people sign up online, tell me the link to your 'JustGiving' site, and I will list them all here:

Sponsor someone!

If you're looking for someone to sponsor, then you could do worse than choose one of these fine people who have already committed to taking part, and have set up their online 'sponsor me' pages at the following locations:

Alan Pryor -
Annie Mole -
Anthony Tugwell -
Barry Salter + Thomas & Larry -
Bjorn Ballard -
Brandon MilHolland -
Chris Green -
Chris Presswell & Andrew Toynbee -
David Scard -
Geoff & Neil -
James Gordon -
James Kelly -
John Charles -
Jonathan Choo & Jennie Hardi - [Also see her blog at]
Jonathan Amery & Matthew Vernon -
Jonny Lyon -
Lukas Hopwood -
Nikki Tysoe -
Norman Driskell -
Paul Fraser-Webb -
Peter Lupton -
Peter Stean -
Phil Newson -
Ric Bracenbury -
Richard Cave -
Richard Hesketh -
Samantha Cawley -
Steve Wilson -
Tami Brisset -