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T-Shirts : Get yours now!

We did originally open up a shop at, but after three days they sent me an email saying that they'd taken it down due it the image breaching the rights of a third party - e.g. the copyrights of using a symbol that was stunningly similar to the official LU roundel.

I emailed them back, pointing out it was for a charity event, and that we'd spoken to TFL who had given us their verbal backing/approval.

Either way, we don't have time to much around with them waiting for them to sort themselves out, so instead thanks to participant Matt for coming to the rescue with:

Where you can by T-Shirts from a UK based company (and thus, you will easily get them delivered in time)

I think that 'last orders' in should be by one week before the event, so do it soon!



CafePress eventually got back to me on the 16th August saying that they'd re-instated the shop, so it's back open again at:

But it might be too late to order. I have though now improved the image so that it's of better quality.